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Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Jan 2010 19:41:35 -0800 (PST) From: Baron Subject: After I Got HomeAfter I Got Home Copyright 2010 by All Rights Reserved********************************************WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! If you are under 18 years of age, offended by stories which depict sex between boys, men or boys and men or live in a jurisdiction where reading/possessing such materials is illegal, [ask yourself why you are living there and] exit now.This story is fiction; any resemblance to anyone living or dead is pure coincidence, nothing more; however, some of the fruits of my imagination do get their start from things that happened in the past, either to me or to someone I know. Since this is fiction, SAFE SEX isn't required; however, in real life there are too many things out there to take that sort of chance.If you like this let me know -- questions and constructive criticism will be acknowledged -- flames will be ignored. *************************************** Anyone who lives on or near the boulevard knows that when you want to go downtown for movie or even just to watch people you don't want to drive -- parking, if you can find any, is expensive and you never know for sure if your car will still be there when your return. This was the reason that I had taken the bus when I went to see a movie that Saturday evening. I hadn't realized that there was also a "sneak preview" that night so it was after midnight before I started home. This wouldn't have been a problem except that after midnight the bus only ran once an hour and as I exited the theatre I saw my bus pulling away from the corner -- it was either a long walk, an expensive taxi ride or an hour's wait. Since I had worked that day I decided on the wait since there was a bench on that corner. There weren't many people out on the street by that time of night and even the traffic had slowed, only a couple of cars at a time. I was tired and wanted to get home so I decided to try hitching, I hadn't done that since I was a teenager, and since I was well past that age I really didn't expect much success, still -- nothing ventured, nothing gained. I stuck out my thumb and watched the cars as they drove past me, most of them didn't even appear to notice that I was there while some did look but just kept going -- a couple even gave me the finger as they drove by, I'm not sure what caused that reaction but it didn't bother me. After a few minutes I noticed one little blue car start to slow down as he approached me then sped up and was gone. A couple of minutes later what appeared to be the same car passed me again, this time without slowing. I still didn't pay much attention to him, I know that I had doubled back a few times over the years to Gothic Lolita take a second look at someone beside the road and then decided that I wasn't that interested. It was only when that same little car slowly drove passed me a third time that I turned and watched as he turned right at the next corner. This happened twice Gothic Lolita more and while I couldn't see much more than a shadow for the driver I could tell that he was alone in the car. It had gotten to where I started watching for his next arrival and then he didn't come around again. I thought he must have decided to go on his way. After a couple more minutes I stood up to stretch my legs and walked down to the corner -- when I looked down the side street I noticed that same blue car, parked at the curb, lights off but I could see that someone was still inside. I moved back to my bench and waited and sure enough, after about five minutes, that same car pulled up to the corner and then turned right so that he was directly in front of where I was perched on the bench. This time the passenger's side window was open. "How far are you going?" the driver asked with a thick accent that sounded Asian. "About three miles down the boulevard," I replied. He motioned for me to open the door, when I did the interior light came on and I saw that the driver was indeed Asian and appeared to be about 25 years old. He motioned again so I pretzeled myself into the little car and closed the door. "You go home?" he asked. "Yes," "Much far?" "About three miles." "Okay." He moved his hand from the gearshift to my knee -- I didn't say anything, but I didn't push his hand away either. When I didn't react he slowly started working his hand up my thigh rubbing at the inside of it. I kept one eye on his hand and the other on his face, he was obviously enjoying himself. "My apartment is at the next corner," I said pointing toward a building on the opposite side of the street; he turned and pulled into the driveway. "Would you like to come in for a drink before you go? I think I have a few cold beers in the refrigerator." He nodded his head so I directed him toward one of the guest parking places and together we headed up to my apartment. I had a large, almost loft like unit on the top floor, the bedroom actually was more of a balcony that overlooked the main room and was reached by a spiral staircase in the corner. After he looked around a bit he said, "You rich?" "No, just lucky. This building belongs to my grandfather." He nodded but I wasn't sure that he really understood what I was telling him. It turned out that he really didn't know much English at all, that was why he was here, to study and learn English. I pointed toward the sofa and he sat down, I went into the kitchen, picked up a couple of beers and returned to my guest, handing one to him. I sat beside him on the sofa placing my drink on the table beside me, leaned back and spread me legs slightly waiting to see just what he was going to do. It didn't take long. At once his hand again started rubbing up and down my thigh, then he placed his drink on the table beside him and turned so that he could bring both hands into play. After a minute he slid down onto the floor and on his knees turned around so that he was now kneeling between my legs. Now he began to use both of his hands on my thighs, very slowly and sensuously working up and down. I felt my cock stirring and knew that it wouldn't be very long before I was sporting a raging hard-on. Now he leaned forward and moved from my thighs to running his hands up and down my stomach and chest and then he began to pull my shirt out from the waistband of my pants. Now he ran his hands across my chest, stopping momentarily to tweak both of my nipples and then pulled my shirt up and over my head so that I was now sitting there naked to the waist. Once again he ran his hands across my chest while he buried his face against my stomach sticking his tongue into my bellybutton. I reached down and grasped his t-shirt, pulling on it slightly until it came up and of his torso in much the same manner as mine had. His hairless upper body was between my outspread legs as I pulled him up onto me and held our bodies tight together while I pressed my face to his and worked my tongue into his mouth for a big open-mouth kiss. His hands worked their hands back down to my waist and began opening my belt and then working his hands under the waistband of my underpants until his was able to reach down to my now almost totally erect member. I rose up slightly and he pulled down my pants revealing my manhood. Quickly he dropped down until he was able to plant a big kiss on its very tip. Grasping him close to me I stood and with my pants till around my knees led him up the stairs to my bedroom/loft where almost the entire area was covered by my king-size bed. I tipped both of us together onto the bed and very quickly removed both my remaining clothes and his, throwing everything over the railing back down onto the living room floor. His now nude body plastered itself against mine as each of us explored the other's flesh. He worked his way back down to my crotch, now cupping my nuts in his hand while I once again tried to capture the purple mushroom-shaped cockhead in his mouth -- this time succeeding and clamping his lips tightly around the gans. His tongue worked its way around and over the tightly pulled skin of my cock-head, stopping occasionally to attempt to fuck it into my piss hole. Slowly he started working his way down my cock shaft, continuing to wash it with his tongue as I pushed deeper and deeper into his sucking oral cavity. As my cockhead pressed against the opening to his throat he took a deep breath and then pushed himself forward until his nose was buried in my pubic bush. He reached down and massaged my cock in his throat until I was worried that he was going to pass out from lack of oxygen and then he pulled back and gulped a bit of air before again taking my entire tool. He did this three or four more times before he pulled back until only the cockhead was still in his mouth. I had reached down and was pinching his nipples but when I attempted to pull him up to where I could take his now erect penis he resisted, indicated that he didn't want me to do anything more except enjoy what had to have been one of the best blow-jobs I had ever experienced. Now he began to start a rhythmic sucking motion that I could tell wasn't going to last long before I blew my load, painting the back of his throat with my hot sticky man juice. My balls drew up in their sac and indeed things happened just as I had expected. He sucked and swallowed every bit of my load, not allowing a single drop of escape. I laid there in a post orgasmic glow as he continued to lick and suck lightly on my cock and balls, then he looked up at me with a big smile. "You like?" he asked. I had trouble forming any words at first my orgasm had been so intense but I finished grunting and nodding my head that I had. He stood up, his cock still rigid in front of him. When I attempted to grasp it he pulled back and started down the stairs back into the living room. By the time I had made it back down he was already dressed and headed for the door. "I don't even know your name," I said as he started to leave. He just nodded and smiled and then closed the door behind him. I wanted to chase after him only I didn't think that stark naked was the right uniform to be wearing while chasing down the hall and into the elevator. Now as my mind started to function again I looked around to see if he had taken anything, like my wallet, but everything was right where it landed when I undressed. This had to be the strangest encounter I had ever had. And one that I'm sure I was never going to forget. It was about a week later that I got a plain envelope which was addressed to my apartment but without any name, just the address, and no return address. Inside there was a short note: DEAR FRIEND, THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL ENCOUNTER AND I APOLOGIZE FOR RUNNING OFF LIKE THAT, BUT I HAD PROMISED MY WIFE THAT WOULD ONLY DO THIS ONE TIME AND THAT I WOULD SAVE MY ORGASM FOR HER WHEN I WAS FINISHED. I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO SUCK ANOTHER MAN OFF, NOW I KNOW. IF I WEREN'T MARRIED WITH THREE GIRLS I SUSPECT I WOULD WANT TO COME BACK FOR ANOTHER SESSION. I DO HOPE YOU WILL FORGIVE ME FOR BEING LESS THAN HONEST WITH YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING. I looked again at the envelope and noticed that it had been mailed from a city about a thousand miles away. With that I decided to store him in memory and go on with life. Then about a year later I received another similar unmarked envelope. DEAR FRIEND, I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW AFTER I LEFT YOUR APARTMENT I MADE LOVE WITH MY WIFE AND WE HAD TWIN BOYS. WE HAD BEEN HOPING FOR A BOY AND HAD TWO. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER OUR MOMENT TOGETHER. All of this happened almost twenty years ago. I have continued to live in the same apartment, only after my grandfather died I changed from renter to owner. I also knocked out a couple of walls and now have about half of the top floor. I really had almost forgotten about that little incident from so long ago, that is until I received another unmarked envelope:DEAR FRIEND, I HOPE YOU REMEMBER ME, I HAVE Gothic Lolita DONE SOME RESEARCH AND DETERMINED THAT YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN THE SAME PLACE. I HOPE YOU REMEMBER ME TELLING YOU THAT I HAD TWIN SONS AFTER WE WERE TOGETHER. IT IS BECAUSE OF THEM THAT I WRITING TO YOU NOW. THEY ARE ALL GROWN UP AND RECENTLY CAME OUT AS GAY. THEY WERE WORRIED THAT I WAS GOING TO BE UPSET -- INSTEAD I TOLD THEM ABOUT MY MEETING WITH YOU -- NOW THEY WANT TO MEET YOU IF THAT IS OKAY WITH YOU. PLEASE LET ME KNOW VIA E-MAIL: XXXXX3456XXXXXXXX.COM. THANKS. An offer like that was the sort of thing that I certainly wasn't going to pass on -- I send the e-mail that same day and received a reply later that night. That was Gothic Lolita five days ago, they are due here in about two hours.The End
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